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You may be well acquainted with bright colorful fighting fish, even if you are not a fish enthusiast. These fish are Betta Fish. They were initially discovered in Southeast Asia but were later exported to America in the 1800s because of their beautiful appearance and unique nature.

Betta Fish originate from Southeast Asia.

Betta Fish originate from Southeast Asia.
these fish are not native to America. They are found in Southeast Asian countries like Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Betta Fish can be found in almost every fish store and aquarium in the USA. But despite their availability, these fish are not native to America. They are found in Southeast Asian countries like Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

They are found in puddles and paddy fields and have been known to live in harsh conditions. No wonder their average lifespan ranges from 4-5 years.

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Betta Fish are also known as Siamese fighting fish.

Betta Fish are also known as Siamese fighting fish.
Their name comes from the territorial nature of the fish. Female fish can stay in groups until the places become crowded.

This may not come as a surprise because betta fish are known as fighting fish worldwide. Their name comes from the territorial nature of the fish. Female fish can stay in groups until the places become crowded. But male betta are very territorial. They fight each other for breeding grounds.

Betta Fish are known as ‘Siamese Fish’. They were bred to fight and even the King of Thailand enjoyed watching them fight.

Male Betta Fish are loving dads.

Male Betta Fish are loving dads.
Betta fish turn a leaf for their children. The male betta fish takes care of the eggs and raises them.

Although they are known as ‘fighting fish’, Betta fish turn a leaf for their children. The male betta fish takes care of the eggs and raises them. He makes bubble nests and ensures that none of the eggs go astray. 

Betta fish may be territorial and they may be feisty little fish, but they have a soft spot for their babies. The mela Betta fish keeps the eggs in the bubble nest they’ve built and protects them fiercely.

Betta fish have both labyrinth organs and gills.

Betta fish have both labyrinth organs and gills.
Infographics explanation of Betta fish both labyrinth organs and gills.

Their labyrinth organ allows them to breathe air without using gills. The labyrinth organ is similar to the lungs, allowing Betta Fish to breathe even when out of water. But they need water to survive and mainly depend on oxygen to survive.

Betta Fish are known to survive an hour on land. This shows how tough these marvelous creations can be.

Betta fish can jump 3 inches high on average.

Betta fish can jump 3 inches high on average.
Betta fish can jump 3 inches high on average.

Betta Fish are not just intelligent but athletic too(as athletic as a fish can get). If they do not like the environment of the aquarium or if they are constantly being dominated by other Betta Fish or other territorial Fish, they can jump out of the water. They do this in search of better living space. 

Betta fish can jump 3 inches high and that is on average. If you own a Betta and see them out of the aquarium, it is a sign that something is not right with the aquarium. It could be a lack of enrichment or harsh water with high nitrate contents.

Betta fish can learn the tricks.

Betta fish can learn the tricks.
Betta fish can learn the tricks.

They need a lot of enrichment because they are highly intelligent fish. It has been noticed that these intelligent fish can recognize their owners and swim toward them. This is a reason why the betta fish tank needs to have proper enrichment like caves, rocks driftwood, etc.

Betta fish are carnivores

Betta fish are Carnivores
These beautiful fish that look like angels are carnivores.

These beautiful fish that look like angels are carnivores. Many betta fish owners who need to do proper research, make a common mistake of not providing the proper diet. These fish have sharp teeth meant for a carnivore diet.

Unfortunately, this leads to the fish falling sick and even dying in extreme conditions. They should not have worms and small insects in addition to the packaged fish food. Packaged food does not contain the essential nutrients that it is for us.

Betta fish have over 70 different variation

Betta fish have over 70 different variation
Betta fish have over 70 different variation

Betta fish has over 70 different variations. The Betta Fish in the market are comparatively more colorful than the ones found in the wild. It makes sense, the ones in the market are selectively bred to look more appealing to the eyes, and the ones in the wild need to camouflage in the wild to survive.

And they have about 14 different tail variations. The different varieties are made because of selective breeding to get a certain color or a certain shape like crown tail, comb tail, etc.


Betta Fish are lovely and it is natural to want them as companion pets. But, you need to be very conscious and alert if you get them as pets. They require at least 10 gallons of water and if you pair them wrong, it could stress both of them and make them sick. 

Moreover, it is the diet you need to focus on too. They have small larvae and insects in the wild and you need to incorporate them into their regular diet and not just depend on the packaged die.


1. What is special about betta fish?

The labyrinth lungs allow them to breathe out of water. They can survive without water for 1 hour.

2. What cool things can betta fish do?

Betta fish can learn tricks and they can jump 3 inches high on average.

3. How smart is a betta fish?

A betta fish can learn tricks like going through hoops recognizing their owners and swimming toward them.

4. What keeps beta fish happy?

Betta Fish need a lot of enrichment and space to be happy.

5. Is Betta Fish lucky at home?

Betta Fish is considered to be lucky and bring prosperity.

What are some mind blowing facts about Albert Einstein?

Albert Einstein was a great theorist and physicist who contributed a lot to the field of science. He was a peculiar man with his own way and so the people who had spent time with him knew that. So, here are some mind blowing facts about Albert Einstein that you may or may not have known earlier.

He has a syndrome named after him.

You may think that it must be some kind of a ‘mastermind syndrome’ if it was related to Einstein but, it is quite the opposite. Einstein did not speak up until the age of three. Now this syndrome is named after him, ‘The Einstein Syndrome’. If you know a child who has delayed speech, you may not know the cure but, now you know what it is called.

He did not think highly of the Chinese.

Yes, this great humanitarian did not have many nice things to say about the Chinese which was later discovered and recorded in his journal. He said that they would ‘supplant other races’ and it would be ‘dreary’ were that to ever happen. The writings in the journals proved that Einstein did not like the Chinese.

He had a bad memory.

It is funny to think that someone who developed such great, groundbreaking theories had a bad memory. He hated history because he had to remember the dates, names, and places. His teachers would also not recommend him for jobs, but then fate has different plans for him. 

This must be another mind blowing facts about Albert Einstein which may have completely changed your outlook on him.

He renounced German citizenship at 16.

Einstein was a Jew born in Germany. This was not because of the Nazi rule because they came to power later. He was not happy with the rule that every German had to join the military at some point and he was already staying in Switzerland.

He was asked to be the president of Israel.

This is another mind blowing fact about Albert Einstein; after the president of Israel died, Albert Einstein was asked if he would accept the position of the President of Israel. 

However, Einstein was aware of his socializing skills and his inability to deal with people like a true politician so, he denied the position saying he lacked the “natural aptitude and the experience to deal properly with people.”

These were some mind blowing facts about Albert Einstein which may have taken you by surprise. These facts let you understand him a little more and let you in on how it felt like to know Albert Einstein in person

He was more or less like a normal person but, his curiosity and resilience are what made him great. Like every normal person he had his flaws but, we can’t deny how great of a man he was and his contribution to Science.

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Mind blowing facts about the human brain


What are some facts about Albert Einstein’s brain?

A considerably shorter and largely absent lateral sulcus was present in Einstein’s brain. In addition, his brain was 15% wider than the others.

What did Einstein say about facts?

In actuality, Einstein stated: “Knowing facts is not very important for a person.” He doesn’t actually need a college degree for that. Books can teach him these things.

What is Einstein’s IQ level?

According to history, Einstein never took an IQ exam. That being said, it is reported that he received an estimated score of 160, which is rather high.

How was Einstein’s brain unique?

Since he played the violin right-handed as a child, Einstein’s right primary motor cortex had an expanded omega-shaped fold known as the “knob,” which likely represented the motor cortex for his left hand. This distinctive characteristic may have contributed to his condition.

What did Albert Einstein always say?

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

What is absent from Einstein’s brain?

Witelson and colleagues claim that Einstein’s brain lacks a parietal operculum on the left and right sides.

What did Einstein say about love?

Love is Light, that enlightens those who give and receive it. Love is gravity because it makes some people feel attracted to others. Love is power, because it multiplies the best we have, and allows humanity not to be extinguished in their blind selfishness.

Is it true that DNA can contain memories?

Is it true that DNA can contain memories? Despite what movies have shown us, DNA does not carry memories. DNA does not carry memories from parents to their children. However, what is transferred is the stress response and genetic health conditions. If two D1 athletes have a baby, their baby won’t have their muscles, but what they can inherit is their stamina and resilience.

What is DNA?

An image of human DNA
Is it true that DNA can contain memories

DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid is a a molecule that contains the genetic code that is unique to every individual. DNA is like the blueprint of an organization. It encodes instructions for various processes, including protein synthesis, cell division, and growth. 

In essence, DNA carries the information needed to create and sustain life. However, this information does not contain memories from the parent.

What can be passed through the DNA?

What can be passed through the DNA

DNA is a remarkable molecule of life that carries essential information that will be passed down from generations to come. While you cannot successfully transfer memories through DNA, you can transmit genetic codes and cellular processes. 

DNA carries instructions for many biological activities such as growth, cell division, and protein synthesis. Parents shape the qualities and characteristics of their kids by passing on their distinct DNA to them during reproduction. 

Occasionally, mutations take place, which causes changes and adaptations throughout time. Essentially, DNA is the eternal messenger that transmits life’s secrets from one generation to the next. 

We have accomplished so much that it may not have even occurred to someone in the past to imagine. We may be unable to transmit memories today, but we have become successful in making desirable changes in the human DNA

However, transferring memories is not a natural occurrence nor have we been able to do it. But seeing our accomplishments so far, we will probably be able to not only transfer memories but watch them at will to relive the memories.

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Does our DNA have memory?

In the same way that genetic features are inherited, there is currently no conclusive scientific evidence to support the theory that humans directly inherit certain memories or experiences from their ancestors.

Does blood have memory?

Adult cells, such as skin or blood cells, have a cellular “memory”.

Do our thoughts affect our DNA?

Some of the most important results point to the possibility that thinking about stress in excess accelerates the aging of cells, increasing our vulnerability to illness and disease. Or, to put it another way, our ideas can harm our DNA. 

Can you extract memory from DNA?

No, humans can’t extract deep memories.

Can DNA store memories of ancestors?

Memories as we usually think of them don’t get encoded into DNA. However, our ancestors’ experiences may have influenced our DNA in a way that alters our behavior when we encounter similar things in the present.

Do humans have memory?

It has been established that the human brain has a memory capacity of 2.5 petabytes. To put it into perspective, the normal adult human brain can store the equivalent of 2.5 million gigabytes of memory. A “petabyte” is 1024 terabytes or a million gigabytes.

Is overthinking genetics?

The majority of specialists concur that while there is a genetic component to some anxiety disorders, which are frequently associated with excessive thinking, environmental factors also play a role.

What are the most mind blowing facts about the human brain?

Our body is very fascinating and full of surprises. And what is even more interesting is our brain, it is just a singular organ with complex formation and controls our entire existence. You may all know that our brain is one of the heaviest organs in the human body and weighs about 3 Kgs for an average person. 

Well if you want to know more, here are the most mind blowing facts about the human brain that will definitely take you by surprise.

Our brain can generate electricity.

Our brain can generate electricity
Our brain can generate electricity

The most mind-blowing fact about the human brain is, that neurons in our brain create electronic signals and while a single neuron produces minuscule electric impulses, all together they produce enough electricity to light a low-watt.  lightbulb. Our brain gives us enough electric impulses can light a small lightbulb. 

Sixty percent of the brain is made of fats.

Sixty percent of the brain is made of fats

We’ve found out that more than 60% of our fats. Fat is extremely important for the brain to solve problems and increase the brain’s cognitive functions. The more fatty acid in your brain, the better will be your problem-solving skills and motor skills.

About 75% of our brain is made of water.

About 75% of our brain is made of water
About 75% of our brain is made of water

Have you ever been so dehydrated that you feel like your brain is going to shut down cause you feel so tired? If you haven’t that, congrats, you drink a healthy amount of water. But if you have, you should probably start drinking more water and go seek medical attention. Your brain consists of 75 % water, so you can imagine how it feels when you deprive it of the thing it is mostly composed of.

Information in our brain travels 268 miles per hour.

Information in our brain travels 268 miles per hour
Information in our brain travels 268 miles per hour

Have you ever wondered, how fast your brain receives and processes messages from its surrounding stimuli? Information travels at different speeds with different neurons but, on average your brain receives information at the speed of 268 miles per hour.

Your brain forms completely after the age of 25.

brain forms completely after the age of 25

Your brain develops back to front, meaning the back part of the brain finishes developing first before your frontal lobe does. Your frontal lobe is responsible for almost most things like the way you move, think, and even how to remember things.

So don’t worry when you don’t understand things or make mistakes, your brain has not even developed fully! Sometimes you may wonder how to learn faster because you just can’t do it. Well, if you’re under 25, it’s probably just your underdeveloped frontal lobe.

You can learn some brain hacks that neurologists and psychologists know but most people don’t know. These hacks involve visualization techniques that can enhance memory and learning.

There you go, those were most mind blowing facts about the human brain. Did you know them all or were you surprised by some of them? Isn’t it crazy that your brain is actually reading all these facts about the human brain? But that is very on-brand of the brain to always want to know and learn more. The more you use your brain, the more powerful it becomes, so keep learning more every day with Scientify.info.

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What are some interesting facts about the human brain?

Our brain can produce 23 watts of electricity which is enough to power a lightbulb.

What color is the brain?

When the human brain is living and beating, it is physically white, black, and reddish-pink. Pink brain images are not true representations of what’s within them.

How mysterious is the brain?

The human brain functions as an intricate and mysterious supercomputer. One of the greatest mysteries of our time is how it functions.

How human brain is so powerful?

The human brain is the most complex organ that nature has ever produced. It has 100 billion nerve cells and numerous sites of communication between them, giving it powers that even modern supercomputers cannot match. 

Who is the famous brain?

Easily the most well-known of all brains, Einstein solved some of physics’ trickiest puzzles, including the photoelectric effect and the theory of relativity.

Who discovered the brain?

Alcmaeon of Croton, who lived in ancient Greece in the sixth and fifth centuries BC, acknowledged the brain’s key role in higher functions including memory, cognition, and intelligence.

Can the brain feel pain?

The brain is not a pain-sensing organ. The brain lacks pain receptors despite having billions of neurons, cells that convey information, including sensory information.

What color calms the brain?

Green is a calming color that helps promote harmony and lessen tension since it is quiet and calming. 

What are some of the most awesome psychological facts?

The human mind is an intriguing place full of complex patterns and unexpected behaviors. Psychology reveals the secrets of our ideas and behaviors, from subliminal influences to cognitive oddities. Let’s explore some of the most awesome psychological facts.

Your brain loves problems.

a picture of brain Your brain loves problems

It is so ironic that we always seek comfort and simplicity, but our brain loves problems. But there is a very cool explanation behind this. We are meant for survival and adaptation. We subconsciously look out for room for improvement and situation. If you attempt to keep your brain problem free, it will slowly start deteriorating and that would not be fun.

You are capable of being close to about 150 people.

You are capable of being close to about 150 people

Robin Dunbar, an anthropologist, and evolutionary scientist, proposed that we can be close to about 150 people. This does not mean we must stop ourselves from meeting new people, but this means that people in our lives will keep changing. So if you have dropped people and friends in the way of your life, you do not need to feel guilty because you scientifically could not have carried them.

Power leads to corruption.

Power leads to corruption

It may not come as a surprise that power leads to corruption. There is a very good explanation for this behavior too. When you have power, you have access to things and information, you can do almost everything that a powerless person cannot do. And human needs can never be satiated so, no matter how much you gain, you will always be hungry for more. You get addicted to the freedom and unaccountability. This will get you away with being rude.

Hugging someone for 20 seconds makes you trust them.

a picture of hugging

Physical touches like hugs, kisses, and holding hands with the person you care for release oxytocin. This chemical helps you desolate the stress in your body. So, when you hug a person for 20 seconds, it promotes positive feelings. You will associate this with how secure and cared for the other person makes you feel. Don’t just read this hug your person a little longer today. It’ll be good for both of you.

Chocolate discharges the same chemical in your body as when you feel love.

Chocolate discharges the same chemical in your body as when you feel love

Have you wondered why you love chocolates? That is because it makes you fall in love with it! Yes, you read that right, eating chocolate releases dopamine, phenylethylamine (PEA), and serotonin which is the same hormone that is released when you experience love. 

Dopamine and serotonin are also known as the happy hormone. So don’t be sad if you have never experienced love because you probably have had chocolates more times than you can count on your fingers. But it could be different if you are diabetic.

Your brain is more creative when it’s tired.

Your brain is more creative when it's tired
Your brain is more creative when it’s tired

We physically cannot work when we are tired, but guess who is still working and running? Yup, that’s our brain. Our brain cannot be in a state of doing nothing. What about when we are asleep? Yes, even then! Do you know that you should assign a task to a lazy person to get it done quickly? Yeah well, they are always looking for shortcuts not for the other person but for themselves.

Appearance Is Directly Interlinked With The Mood.

Appearance and mood are directly interlinked with each other. It is a very simple phenomenon. If you look beautiful, then makes you feel good and automatically makes you feel confident. This is why you need to groom yourself properly. This is how our appearance affects our mood.

So these are  some of the most awesome psychological facts you probably did not know about. Our average living experience is intertwined with so many interesting facts. You would have never guessed that your brain keeps working even when you’re dog-tired. No wonder listening to positive affirmations works when you’re falling asleep has a positive impact. 

Take care of your appearance, hug your favorite person, and share a chocolate, our brain is very fascinating and works interestingly.

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What are dark psychology facts?

According to Dark Psychology, some carry out these same deeds without thinking about power, money, sex, vengeance, or any other known motive. These heinous deeds are performed by them aimlessly. Put simply, their methods are not justified by their aims. Some people just violate and harm other people for their selfish reasons.   

What does psychology say about love?

Mutual respect, attachment, affection, and trust are traits of compassionate love. Usually, sentiments of respect and understanding between the two people grow into this kind of love. Adoration, nervousness, strong feelings, and sexual attraction are the hallmarks of passionate love.

What does psychology say about boys?

Studies on men’s psychology indicate that to preserve their sense of self-worth, men look to others for approval and respect. Men, for instance, frequently desire respect in areas of daily life like making a solid living and being a respectable husband or father.

What is the dark side of human psychology?

Psychology has identified many negative personality traits, including egoism, Machiavellianism, moral disengagement, narcissism, psychological entitlement, psychopathy, sadism, self-interest, and spitefulness.

What does psychology say when you miss someone?

You are happy and feel better when you are around this individual, thus you need them in your life. You miss someone because of this.

How do you flirt psychologically?

The following are some indicators that someone is interested in you, or some methods you can express your affection to someone else: maintaining prolonged eye contact, grinning more than normal, nodding, lightly caressing, licking the lips, and taking glances at the other person’s physique.

Are we born evil according to psychology?

Determining the precise line that separates a person as good or bad can be difficult. However, as a newborn has no concept of evil, one could counter that all humans are virtuous from birth. A person’s decisions in specific situations in the future shape who they are for the rest of their lives.

What is a psychological fact that most people don’t know?

Dopamine makes you addicted to seeking information. 

What are some mind-blowing amazing facts about the human body?

What are some mind-blowing amazing facts about the human body? Prepare to be amazed by these incredible tidbits! Did you know that the human nose can remember up to 50,000 different scents? Or that the human brain generates more electrical impulses in a single day than all the telephones in the world combined? And here’s a mind-boggling fact: the human body contains enough iron to make a metal nail three inches long!

Our body is amazing and sometimes the way it works is almost like a miracle that’s because of human brain you will be surprised to know the mind blowing facts about the human brain. However, here are some mind-blowing amazing facts about the human body. 

Skin is the largest organ of the human body

an image of skin
An image of human skin, mind-blowing amazing facts about the human body

Although it is pretty easy to rupture or pierce through your skin, skin is the largest and heaviest organ of the human body. We do not consider skin to be of much mass because it is stretched across our body and simply does not look like much. But, skin weighs around 5 to 6 kgs which is so much more than the second largest organ in the body; our liver, which weighs 1.5 kgs.

Fingernails grow faster than our toenails

an image of Fingernails grow faster than our toenails

Fingernails grow at the rate of 3mm per month and the toenails grow at the rate of 1mm per month. This rate supposedly decreases each year by 0.5% after the age of 25. And even for our fingernails, there is one particular nail that grows faster than the rest. If you guessed the middle finger, then you’re correct.

Teeth cannot heal themselves.

an image of Teeth cannot heal themselves.

Our bodies are wonderful and many times require very little to nothing to heal themselves. But, teeth are a different case. Your pearly whites do not heal themselves and once they chip or go bad, only a cosmetic procedure can help you get it back.

Teeth are not only functional and important for digestion, but they also add to your aesthetic. So, you should take care of your teeth and that beautiful smile of yours.

Your body contains hydrochloric acid

an image of Your body contains hydrochloric acid

Your gastric glands secrete hydrochloric acid which helps to break down the food particles into digestive form. Proteins are broken down into amino acids. Do not try to drink HCL or any other forms of acid to help your body though, your body will do it for you on its own.

Tongue prints are different for different people.

Tongue prints are different for different people

Yes, every person has a unique tongue print like their unique fingerprints. It makes you wonder why do they not use tongues for identity verification. Maybe it is because of the potential health risk.

Your eyes have 576 megapixels.

Your eyes have 576 megapixels

Have you noticed that the picture of the moon from your phone does not capture the essence of the moon? That is because your phone has fewer pixels than your eyes which has a pixel equivalence of 576 megapixels. 

The greater the number of pixels, the harder will it be to differentiate pixels from one another, which is what happens when you see a bad image or a video. They are not sharp and smooth and are not what our eyes see in real life.

Identical twins smell the same.

an image of Identical Twins, twins smell the same

Facial structure and body structure are not the only things that are identical with the identical twins. They even smell the same. They have such similar characteristics and genetic makeup that it is almost impossible for us to differentiate between them.

These were some of the mind-blowing facts about our bodies. Our body is what allows us to do so much and accomplish it. Although it is a part of us, it is very mysterious and never fails to amaze us with its little quirks. 

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What is a mind-blowing fact about the body?

According to Kris Patton, a cardiologist at the UW Medicine Heart Institute, there are 60,000 miles of blood veins in the human body. That is an astoundingly large distance—it is the same as traveling around the globe twice.

What is the secret organ?

Deep within the human skull, where the nasal passages and back of the throat converge, scientists have uncovered an organ that has never been identified before.

What is the silent organ?

The liver is said to as a quiet organ since its symptoms are frequently undetectable, even in cases of hepatic failure.

What is the hidden organ for men?

A guy who develops a buried penis is one whose penis is concealed by skin folds in the scrotum, thighs, or abdomen. It can occur at any age, however it is occasionally present from birth. Men who are very fat as adults frequently have a buried penis.

Which organ is found in the head?

The ear, the eye, the nose, the sinuses, the salivary glands, and the oral cavity are the organs of the head. The external ear, middle ear, and inner ear are the three divisions of the ear.

What has 14 bones?

The face skeleton includes 14 facial bones.

What is an interesting fact about brains?

About sixty percent of our head is made up of fat.

Do trees and plants have consciousness?

Consciousness is the state of being aware. All living beings must have consciousness for the sake of purely just surviving. Of course, there are natural anomalies that lack consciousness, but, these creatures are usually lower forms of life who have adapted and equipped themselves to their surroundings to ensure their lineage does not end.

In this article, we talk about the consciousness of trees and plants. Do trees and plants have consciousness? Are they aware and can they deduce what is happening in their surrounding? 

What does one need to gain consciousness?

A person thinking What does one need to gain consciousness

For a being to be conscious it requires a central nervous system. You need a brain and a central nervous system to transmit the message from the surroundings to your brain to process what is happening around you.

Trees do not have a central nervous system like ours. The way they react and adapt to their environment is because of the chemical compound released by plant cells. Some claims show that plants and trees react positively to love and care. However, there are no scientific explanations for this phenomenon.

Does movement require consciousness?

Many of you may confuse mobility with consciousness. The ability to move does not require consciousness. This is how you see many different plants and certain animals move but, they do not have a central nervous system. 

You may ask how ‘touch-me-not’ shuts when lightly touched. That is because of thigmonasty. It is what the plants respond to physical touch or vibration. 

Do trees and plants have consciousness?

Do trees and plants have consciousness

Plants and trees cannot have a consciousness because they are not built like that. They have a level of awareness but, that does not equal the same level of consciousness as that of the faunas. 

No matter how much mobility some of the plants have, they simply do not have consciousness. Their system is not as complex as an animal’s and that is one of the biggest things that differentiates flora from fauna.

Plants and trees do not have consciousness but, that does not mean they lack awareness. They are aware and can be affected by physical force. They also have proven that trees do communicate with each other to send signals to one another in case of distress . But whether they have consciousness or not is not as important as the fact that we have consciousness. 

It is only fair if we act accordingly. We need to understand and make conscious decisions. This includes having to take care of our planet and the first step is planting new trees and plants and taking care of the ones that are already present.

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Are plants capable of consciousness?

Since awareness and consciousness are related, it is possible to classify plants as conscious entities even though animals are also aware. But the underlying mechanics are quite dissimilar. Rather than debating the workings of the nervous system or the anatomy of the brain, awareness concentrates on behavior and its complexity.

Do trees experience consciousness?

Plants have an advanced, sentient root brain that functions similarly to ours to process input and produce intelligent responses. 

Do trees have the ability to think?

Plants are sentient beings that perceive their surroundings and make deliberate adjustments to ensure their survival.

Do plants have emotional intelligence?

Despite not having a central nervous system, plants are nevertheless able to receive and interpret information from outside sources. Despite not having the same “feelings” as humans, plants frequently retain stimuli and share information about them with other plants.

Can plants hear you?

Plants can’t hear or comprehend human speech. The benefits of conversing with plants are more closely tied to human care and attention than they are to direct communication, even though they might react to specific vibrations or noises.

Can trees sense humans?

It’s unclear how well plants can sense and react to the motions of surrounding animals, especially people.

Can trees hold memory?

According to recent research, there is evidence that they may have memory since certain events are noted in tree rings and may even be inherited by future generations.

Do trees communicate with each other or plants?

Do trees communicate with each other or plants? It’s a fascinating question. Recent research suggests that trees indeed have a complex system of communication, using underground networks of fungi called mycorrhizal networks to exchange information and resources with neighboring trees. While it’s not exactly like how we humans communicate, this network allows trees to share nutrients, warn each other about pests or pathogens, and even send chemical signals to attract beneficial insects. So, in a way, trees do communicate, not just with each other but also with other plants through these underground connections.

Trees have been depicted as old and wise creatures in books and movies who have the answer to everything. Well, they got the old part right but, what about the wise part? This article will walk you through tree memories, do trees communicate with each other and their network.

What are tree memories?

tree memories

It is so beautiful to find out that trees have memories. They do not feel and reminisce their memories as we humans and animals do, but they do keep a recollection of things they have gone through. 

There is a great reason to believe that trees have memories, and that reason is adaptation. You cannot change and adapt if you do not remember what went wrong. There has been proof of trees recording events in the tree rings and being passed onto their progeny. However, at the same time, we should be clear about whether trees possess consciousness, as having memory and consciousness are different concepts.

That being said, the memories trees have are not like ours, it is not about experiencing and learning like it is for us. They use neurotransmitters to store information from the environment. This is called a volatile organic compound and mycorrhizal network.

How do trees communicate with each other?

an image of tree communicating

Trees communicate with each other. The way they communicate is almost the same concept as using the internet. Their roots form a network that shares water and nutrients and also distress signals among each other. These are called mycorrhizal networks. 

The mycorrhizal network is a group of small mycelium fungi that wrap themselves around the roots of the trees. It is through this network, that trees can transmit nitrogen, carbon, minerals, and water with each other.

And then there is VOC; Volatile Organic Compounds, which are transmitted to each other via air to send signals to each other. How do they work? These carbon-based chemicals evaporate from liquid or solid at a much lower temperature. These are used to alert the neighboring plants and trees about insects and diseases. This is an integral reason for forest longevity.

Trees have adapted and formed their own way of surviving. They are the reason for our survival as well. Now we have learned that trees indeed do communicate with each other. They do not do it like we do, but the proof is enough to show us that we need to respect them and look out for them. 

Trees are essential for survival so this knowledge that trees and plants can communicate and have memories should be enough to encourage us to plant more trees.

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Do plants communicate with other plants?

Plants may communicate underground through their roots. They can do this by sending out chemicals that prevent other plants’ roots from growing, as if to announce, “Hey, I got here first!” However, plants can also cooperate. In one study, plants were paired up and kept near to one another in a laboratory.

What type of communication do trees have?

Scientists are only now beginning to understand the signals that trees may deliver, which include chemical, hormonal, and even slow-pulsing electrical signals.

What organisms help trees talk to each other?

By connecting numerous trees through their root systems, fungi form the Mycorrhizal Network, or “wood wide web.” Trees communicate with one another through this network to exchange nutrients, chemicals, and electrical signals, and to alert one another to impending attacks.

Can trees hear us?

As well as many other senses, plants can hear, smell, taste, touch, and see. Their senses are typically more developed than ours. On a calm day, the slightest brush of your finger against a leaf can instantly produce a wide range of changes in a plant’s chemistry and growth.

How do plants communicate with plants?

Plants use their roots to communicate with one another by releasing minute amounts of unique compounds into the soil throughout their root zone, or what scientists refer to as the rhizosphere. All other organisms in the root zone receive signals from these substances, which are referred to as root exudates.

Do trees have memory?

We often take memory in humans for granted, but we hardly ever wonder if any plants could possess a similar ability. According to recent research, there is a possibility that some events are preserved in tree rings and may even be inherited by future generations.

What language do trees speak?

They demonstrate how mycorrhizal fungi, an underground hyphal network, allow trees to communicate with one another. Trees “speak” at frequencies that are inaudible to people, hence this natural language is beyond human comprehension.

Can a great white shark bite a human in half?

We all have seen different types on the Discovery Channel or National Geographic channel. Some of us even have had the chance to see these majestic creatures in real life. We are also fully aware of how powerful and big these creatures are. But surprisingly, you need to be more worried about mosquito bites and dengue before you need to consider the dangers these big whites could be to you.

As a kid, you must’ve been terrified of sharks and that fear probably is still in you. They are not the most docile creatures, given they are an apex predator, you do not have much to worry about if you do not annoy them in their natural habitat. Despite what the research shows, you should always be respectful of them and their home. In this blog, you will know can a great white shark bite a human in half or not.

How big are great white sharks?

How big are great white sharks

The Great white sharks can grow to be up to 20 ft. long for fully grown males and the females can be anywhere from 15-16 ft. They can be double the size of an adult human. They can weigh about 680-1100kgs. 

They also have razor-sharp teeth which are designed to cut and rip meat apart and crush bones. They have a big jaw with 23-28 teeth on the upper jaw and 20-26 teeth on the lower jaw and teeth can be 6.6 inches big.

They have serrated teeth which help them keep hold of their prey and they shake their head to rip their prey. Sharks are not among the ugliest animals but for sure they are deadly-looking because of their size and teeth.

How big are humans?

An average adult male is about 5’9 feet and weighs about 62kg and an average adult female is about 5’4 feet tall and weighs about 77kg. There is no way that an average person could fight a shark. Some professionals teach you how to defend yourself in case you’re in a situation where you need to keep some distance between you and the shark who seems a little too interested in you. 

But, every sane person knows that you cannot defeat a shark but, just stop them momentarily. If this glorious sea marine life thought you were threatening them in any way shape or form then, the chances that you will survive are pretty low.

Can a great white shark bite a human in half?

Can a great white shark bite a human in half
Can a great white shark bite a human in half

A very simple answer, yes. A great white shark can bite a human in half. However, the chances of that happening are so low that you do not have to be worried. That being said, you should always be safe when you are in the oceans, a great white shark’s natural habitat. There has been a recent upsurge in the number of shark attacks and research showed that the global shark bite deaths have doubled in the year 2023.

Sharks are not man-eaters. And the rare cases of them attacking a person are almost always because of confusion. The silhouette of the surfers on their surfboards looks like a seal for the sharks. Now if you are an avid Nat Geo watcher, you know that seals and shark meals. 

Sharks are beautiful creatures enjoying their own time in their natural habitat, but the movies have succeeded in instilling the fear of sharks in us so bad that we give them a bad reputation.

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Has anyone been bitten in half by a shark?

Examples of extremely aggressive predatory purpose assaults are the 1982 attack on British surfer Simon Nillest and the deadly attack on Lewis Boren near the seas off Monterey Bay.

Can a great white bite a leg off?

After wrestling a great white shark for thirty seconds and swimming back to shore, a man is said to have lost a limb as a result of the attack.

Can a great white shark bite through bone?

According to Australian experts, a great white shark’s jaws can crush up to 1.8 tonnes of bone with a bite.

Has a great white ever killed a human?

Of the more than 500 shark species, just three—the great white, tiger, and bull—are accountable for ten or more deadly, unprovoked attacks on people. Although these deaths are not included in the statistics, the oceanic whitetip shark is likely responsible for many more shipwreck and plane crash survivors’ deaths.

Who has the strongest bite?

A 2012 study published in the journal PLOS One discovered that the saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus), of all the living things on Earth, possesses the greatest known bite force, measuring 16,460 newtons (newtons are a measure of force magnitude).

Can a great white shark swallow a human whole?

Indeed! There are reports of adult male humans being bitten in half by a huge Great White Shark, which can easily swallow a tiny adult or child. The shark’s length ranges from 18 to 23 feet. Bigger Great Whites might be able to pull it off, but many sharks first investigate a target to see if it’s edible.

Can you survive a great white shark bite?

Unprovoked bites by bulls, tigers, and white sharks had a survivability rate of 62, 75, and 53%, respectively.

How many great white shark attacks?

In 177 confirmed assaults, 34% of which resulted in fatalities, white sharks, sometimes known as great white sharks, have been the aggressors, followed by tiger and bull sharks.

Would a high velocity pelican strike to the face be survivable?

Pelicans are big birds of the sea. If you live on the costs, you may have seen these big birds with ridiculously large bills. They can be spotted doing something hilarious everything or maybe it is them that makes everything seem very amusing. However, it is not only their antics that have made them well-known, it is their rather unusual beak.

Now, depending on who you are and what you spend your time doing, you may have wondered if a high-velocity pelican strike to the face (beak first) be survivable. There is no simple answer to that question because many things are to be considered to know the actual answer. Unless… of course… you have taken a high-velocity pelican strike to the face and are reading this. That is highly unlikely, so here you are. Let us acknowledge some of the questions to help us get to the final base.

What is the pelican beak made up of?

pelican beak made up of

Pelicans are enormous birds with long bills that are distinguished by a big gular pouch attached to the lower jaw and a downcurved hook at the end of the upper mandible. Copolymer polypropylene with an open-cell core and solid-wall construction is used to make pelican cases. 

The lower mandible, or lower portion of the bill, of a pelican is essentially merely a frame surrounding the pouch. Although they lack teeth, pelicans have a hook at the tip of their beak, which has sharp edges and may cut you like a piece of paper.

What velocity of a blow is humanely survival?

Your skin shifts when you take a blow to the face. Some blood vessels will stretch too far as they stretch, carrying other blood vessels with them. The wave of damage rips numerous tiny capillary holes, allowing blood to seep out beneath the skin and giving rise to the characteristic bruise hue. 

However, a blow to the face is not as lethal as one to the neck, kidneys, or base of the skull. In one instance, a man was struck in the face and tragically lost his life. That is an uncommon occurrence, though.

What happens when you have a high-velocity pelican strike to the face?

high velocity pelican strike to the face be survivable
High velocity pelican strike to the face be survivable

Pelicans are big birds, with some of the biggest pelicans; the Dalmatians; growing up to as big as 10-15 Kg. These birds have been recorded to be able to fly at 48 Kph. Now, as unlikely it is that these majestic birds would fly at their full speed to your face, we cannot deny it won’t happen. Calculating all the possibilities and how much a human face can take, the answer is no. 

Pelicans flying straight to your face at their highest velocity is not lethal. But, this does not mean you will stay unhurt. This collision is bound to leave a mean bruise on your face. It is survivable but, the pain can linger for days which will make you relive the collision over and over again.

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Do pelican beaks hurt?

Although they lack teeth, pelicans have a hook at the tip of their beak, which has sharp edges and may cut you like a piece of paper.

Can a pelican eat a human?

The Dalmatian pelican, which weighs about 26 pounds, is the largest species of pelican. Their mouth is not huge enough to swallow a human, even if they can open absurdly wide.

Do pelican bites hurt?

Although the tip and inner edges of the beak are sharp, a pelican’s bite shouldn’t harm you unless you run your hand along the edge.

Can pelican beaks heal?

If their bill is broken, a simple bandage can help them heal. That being said, pelicans recover pretty fast and with minimal effort.

What’s the biggest thing a pelican can eat?

Even though they eat little birds, pelicans have also been observed devouring seagulls. as well as tiny to medium-sized fish. However, larger animals can consume fish up to a foot long.

Do pelican’s beaks hold more than their stomach?

Yes, research has shown that pelicans can indeed hold more in their beak than their stomach.