Force, matter, energy, and motion; are the study of all these entities in physics. It is an interesting branch of science and the most fun to learn because it is relatable. All the contents of physics are related to the things happening around us. 

Does the pan expand when you heat it? Why does the ship not sink but a small nail does? All of these intriguing questions and physics have the answers to all of these questions. 

Physics helps you understand the world around you. What are the mechanics behind how can openers? Or why can’t we not teleport when we have electric and flying cars? The history of physics and its potential future is so interesting to learn about.

If you want to learn and have an inquisitive mind, then physics is the right side of science for you. You not only learn about the world but how your DNA works too. It is just an endless rabbit hole of so many discoveries and new things to learn about.

Here on, we talk about classical physics, modern physics, and nuclear physics.