What are some mind blowing facts about Albert Einstein?

mind blowing facts about Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a great theorist and physicist who contributed a lot to the field of science. He was a peculiar man with his own way and so the people who had spent time with him knew that. So, here are some mind blowing facts about Albert Einstein that you may or may not have known earlier.

He has a syndrome named after him.

You may think that it must be some kind of a ‘mastermind syndrome’ if it was related to Einstein but, it is quite the opposite. Einstein did not speak up until the age of three. Now this syndrome is named after him, ‘The Einstein Syndrome’. If you know a child who has delayed speech, you may not know the cure but, now you know what it is called.

He did not think highly of the Chinese.

Yes, this great humanitarian did not have many nice things to say about the Chinese which was later discovered and recorded in his journal. He said that they would ‘supplant other races’ and it would be ‘dreary’ were that to ever happen. The writings in the journals proved that Einstein did not like the Chinese.

He had a bad memory.

It is funny to think that someone who developed such great, groundbreaking theories had a bad memory. He hated history because he had to remember the dates, names, and places. His teachers would also not recommend him for jobs, but then fate has different plans for him. 

This must be another mind blowing facts about Albert Einstein which may have completely changed your outlook on him.

He renounced German citizenship at 16.

Einstein was a Jew born in Germany. This was not because of the Nazi rule because they came to power later. He was not happy with the rule that every German had to join the military at some point and he was already staying in Switzerland.

He was asked to be the president of Israel.

This is another mind blowing fact about Albert Einstein; after the president of Israel died, Albert Einstein was asked if he would accept the position of the President of Israel. 

However, Einstein was aware of his socializing skills and his inability to deal with people like a true politician so, he denied the position saying he lacked the “natural aptitude and the experience to deal properly with people.”

These were some mind blowing facts about Albert Einstein which may have taken you by surprise. These facts let you understand him a little more and let you in on how it felt like to know Albert Einstein in person

He was more or less like a normal person but, his curiosity and resilience are what made him great. Like every normal person he had his flaws but, we can’t deny how great of a man he was and his contribution to Science.

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What are some facts about Albert Einstein’s brain?

A considerably shorter and largely absent lateral sulcus was present in Einstein’s brain. In addition, his brain was 15% wider than the others.

What did Einstein say about facts?

In actuality, Einstein stated: “Knowing facts is not very important for a person.” He doesn’t actually need a college degree for that. Books can teach him these things.

What is Einstein’s IQ level?

According to history, Einstein never took an IQ exam. That being said, it is reported that he received an estimated score of 160, which is rather high.

How was Einstein’s brain unique?

Since he played the violin right-handed as a child, Einstein’s right primary motor cortex had an expanded omega-shaped fold known as the “knob,” which likely represented the motor cortex for his left hand. This distinctive characteristic may have contributed to his condition.

What did Albert Einstein always say?

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

What is absent from Einstein’s brain?

Witelson and colleagues claim that Einstein’s brain lacks a parietal operculum on the left and right sides.

What did Einstein say about love?

Love is Light, that enlightens those who give and receive it. Love is gravity because it makes some people feel attracted to others. Love is power, because it multiplies the best we have, and allows humanity not to be extinguished in their blind selfishness.

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