Can a great white shark bite a human in half?

We all have seen different types on the Discovery Channel or National Geographic channel. Some of us even have had the chance to see these majestic creatures in real life. We are also fully aware of how powerful and big these creatures are. But surprisingly, you need to be more worried about mosquito bites and dengue before you need to consider the dangers these big whites could be to you.

As a kid, you must’ve been terrified of sharks and that fear probably is still in you. They are not the most docile creatures, given they are an apex predator, you do not have much to worry about if you do not annoy them in their natural habitat. Despite what the research shows, you should always be respectful of them and their home. In this blog, you will know can a great white shark bite a human in half or not.

How big are great white sharks?

How big are great white sharks

The Great white sharks can grow to be up to 20 ft. long for fully grown males and the females can be anywhere from 15-16 ft. They can be double the size of an adult human. They can weigh about 680-1100kgs. 

They also have razor-sharp teeth which are designed to cut and rip meat apart and crush bones. They have a big jaw with 23-28 teeth on the upper jaw and 20-26 teeth on the lower jaw and teeth can be 6.6 inches big.

They have serrated teeth which help them keep hold of their prey and they shake their head to rip their prey. Sharks are not among the ugliest animals but for sure they are deadly-looking because of their size and teeth.

How big are humans?

An average adult male is about 5’9 feet and weighs about 62kg and an average adult female is about 5’4 feet tall and weighs about 77kg. There is no way that an average person could fight a shark. Some professionals teach you how to defend yourself in case you’re in a situation where you need to keep some distance between you and the shark who seems a little too interested in you. 

But, every sane person knows that you cannot defeat a shark but, just stop them momentarily. If this glorious sea marine life thought you were threatening them in any way shape or form then, the chances that you will survive are pretty low.

Can a great white shark bite a human in half?

Can a great white shark bite a human in half
Can a great white shark bite a human in half

A very simple answer, yes. A great white shark can bite a human in half. However, the chances of that happening are so low that you do not have to be worried. That being said, you should always be safe when you are in the oceans, a great white shark’s natural habitat. There has been a recent upsurge in the number of shark attacks and research showed that the global shark bite deaths have doubled in the year 2023.

Sharks are not man-eaters. And the rare cases of them attacking a person are almost always because of confusion. The silhouette of the surfers on their surfboards looks like a seal for the sharks. Now if you are an avid Nat Geo watcher, you know that seals and shark meals. 

Sharks are beautiful creatures enjoying their own time in their natural habitat, but the movies have succeeded in instilling the fear of sharks in us so bad that we give them a bad reputation.

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Has anyone been bitten in half by a shark?

Examples of extremely aggressive predatory purpose assaults are the 1982 attack on British surfer Simon Nillest and the deadly attack on Lewis Boren near the seas off Monterey Bay.

Can a great white bite a leg off?

After wrestling a great white shark for thirty seconds and swimming back to shore, a man is said to have lost a limb as a result of the attack.

Can a great white shark bite through bone?

According to Australian experts, a great white shark’s jaws can crush up to 1.8 tonnes of bone with a bite.

Has a great white ever killed a human?

Of the more than 500 shark species, just three—the great white, tiger, and bull—are accountable for ten or more deadly, unprovoked attacks on people. Although these deaths are not included in the statistics, the oceanic whitetip shark is likely responsible for many more shipwreck and plane crash survivors’ deaths.

Who has the strongest bite?

A 2012 study published in the journal PLOS One discovered that the saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus), of all the living things on Earth, possesses the greatest known bite force, measuring 16,460 newtons (newtons are a measure of force magnitude).

Can a great white shark swallow a human whole?

Indeed! There are reports of adult male humans being bitten in half by a huge Great White Shark, which can easily swallow a tiny adult or child. The shark’s length ranges from 18 to 23 feet. Bigger Great Whites might be able to pull it off, but many sharks first investigate a target to see if it’s edible.

Can you survive a great white shark bite?

Unprovoked bites by bulls, tigers, and white sharks had a survivability rate of 62, 75, and 53%, respectively.

How many great white shark attacks?

In 177 confirmed assaults, 34% of which resulted in fatalities, white sharks, sometimes known as great white sharks, have been the aggressors, followed by tiger and bull sharks.