How good are the Himalayan salt Lamps?

Himalayan salt Lamps

People find their peace in different things. While many trust allopathic treatments, a large chunk of people have faith in holistic treatment and remedies.

The Himalayan Salt Lamp is one such holistic item. While some people have it for aesthetics or because they are trendy, many people have it because they believe in the healing properties and the benefits of the Himalayan Salt Lamp.

How are the Himalayan Salt Lamps made?

a group of salt lamps

The Himalayan salt lamps are created by carving the Salt Rocks. A light bulb is fixed in it after it has been hollowed out enough. It has a distinct shape and gives a reddish, pinkish glow. 

The actual Himalayan Salt Lamps are made from Salt harvested from the Khewra Salt Mine. This salt mine is located in Pakistan. Himalayan salt lamps are also made from the Salt mines in the Himalayan Range of Bhutan, Nepal, and India.

But, since the demand for Himalayan Salt lamps gained traction, there have been dupes and copies. While the original ones are fragile and brittle, the fake ones are surprisingly sturdy and strong.

What are the health benefits of the Himalayan Salt lamps?

Health benefits of the Himalayan Salt lamps

The users of the Himalayan Salt Lamp swear by the health benefits. The benefits according to them are:

Help with insomnia

They have been known to help you sleep. It could be the result of negative ions that the Salt lamp supposedly releases. And it could also be the result of the soft reddish, pinkish-dim light it produces. 

The original salt lamps are usually dimmer and softer than the dupes that you can find in the market. The original ones are very soothing and ambient.

Help soothe allergic reactions

Salt air is supposed to relax respiratory passage and help you with your asthma, bronchitis, and allergies. People have claimed that it helps eliminate the pathogens in your room.

They are mood boosters

They release negative ions. This is known to help you relax and help with depression. 

The negative ions around you are known to boost serotonin. Serotonin is a happy hormone that is known to boost your mood.

How to check if you have an actual Himalayan Salt Lamp or not?

Himalayan salts may not be scientifically proven to do everything people give them credit for. But it has been helping people nevertheless. So if you are thinking of getting one, do not overthink it and get one. Now if you’re worried about not getting the real deal, you can take some precautions like seeing the shine. 

A real Salt Lamp is not shiny and the light is very dull. Another way to check if you have an original Salt Lamp is to keep your salt lamp in a moist room. If your Salt lamp starts sweating, it means that you have the actual lamp.

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1. What are the benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Himalayan Salt Lamps are known to boost your mood, help you sleep, and help you with your allergies.

2. Is it okay to sleep with the Himalayan Lamp on?

Yes, is just a light bulb in a salt rock so, there is no potential harm in sleeping with the Himalayan Lamp on.

3. Can you lick your salt lamp?

You can lick the salt lamp because it is non-toxic as it’s just salt. However, it is unsanitary because there is a high chance that your lamp has accumulated dirt over time.

4. What happens when you leave your Himalayan Salt lamp on overnight?

Himalayan Salt lamp is not flammable, so you do not have to worry when you’re leaving it on overnight. 

5. Do Himalayan Salt Lamps purify the air?

Himalayan Salt Lamps do produce negative ions, but it does not produce enough ions to purify the air.

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