What are the cruelest weapons devised by man?

cruelest weapons devised by man

The world has been at war since the beginning of time. Ironically, people are always waging wars against one another for the sake of peace. People have used different weapons against one another, each trying to outdo the other. Here is a list of some of the cruelest weapons devised by man.

Tsar Bomba

Tsar Bomba
Tsar Bomba

This is considered to be one of the most toxic nuclear bombs to have been made. Detonating one Tasr Bomba, its results could be seen within a 100-mile radius. People within a 62 km radius suffered from third-degree burns and the air was unbreathable. 

It was made by the Soviets and detonated in 1961. Luckily for us, Tasr Bomba is not currently owned by anyone. Maybe there is a limit to chemical warfare and is not always about winning.

Sulfur Mustard

Sulfur Mustard

Sulfur Mustard is a man-made chemical warfare agent. When it is released into the air. It causes severe blisters and burns to the eyes and the skin. In case it is inhaled, it also has adverse effects on the respiratory tract. 

The people also have reported suffering from vomiting and insomnia. Sulfur Mustard is not necessarily lethal but, it causes prolonged suffering. It also depends on who comes in contact with it. About 5% of the people exposed to sulfur died in World War I.

Gas chamber

Gas chamber

Gas Chamber is not necessarily a weapon, but it was weaponized to kill people. Gas Chambers were used in the Nazi extermination camps. The inmates of the camps were locked in a room with a small opening for the pipe to let in the engine exhaust. 

It is truly one of the cruelest ways anyone can think of to end someone’s life. About 50,000 Jews lost their lives in the Nazi concentration camp gas chambers alone, many more lost their lives to other horrors.

White Phosphorous

White Phosphorous

White phosphorous can give you second-degree burns and third-degree burns. It gets absorbed through your skin and affects your liver and kidneys. It is extremely painful and even the healing process takes a lot of time. 

White phosphorous starts igniting almost as soon as it is exposed to air. When it gets to your lungs, it turns into phosphoric acid. And the scariest part is that the fire it creates cannot be stopped by water.



Richard Fiedler invented the flamethrower in 1900. This invention has been deemed so inhumane that nations have had discussions on whether it should be legal or illegal to use. With a range of 60 to 150 feet, they can easily clear out bunkers in a single trigger. 

Once they are used, the flames cling to you until the fuel runs out. It is a horrifying creation that keeps both people in danger; the giver and the receiver. The person who is carrying the flamethrower becomes everybody’s target and the person on the receiving end is not the luckiest person.

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Weapons are man-made creations created by powerful minds. It is the intent that is cruel. It is unorthodox to label which weapon is worse than the other because anything that causes destruction is cruel. 

The list here is based on the intensity of harm they can cause instead of other weapons in no particular order. Keep learning and remember not every creation has a beautiful purpose.


1. What weapon has killed the most?

AK-47 has been known to be one of the most dangerous weapons that has taken the most lives.

2. What does sulfur mustard do to the cells within the body?

It affects the lymph nodes, bone marrow, and spleen which causes white blood cell levels to drop. It makes you prone to infections.

3. What is white phosphorous used for?

White phosphorous is used for chemical manufacturing which is used for fertilizers and cleaning agents.

4. Is sulfur mustard legal?

They are not illegal but they are regulated under Schedule 1 of the Chemical Weapons Convention.

5. Why is white phosphorous banned?

White phosphorus is very difficult to extinguish once it starts burning, this is one big reason why white phosphorus is banned.

6. Does the military use gas chambers?

Yes, trainees are supposed to go through gas chambers as part of their combat training. 

7. When was the last gas chamber death?

The last gas chamber death was on March 3, 1999. It was the execution of Walter LaGrand.

8. Why is a flamethrower banned?

The devastating effects of using a flamethrower in World  War 1 were deemed inhuman. Therefore they were officially banned in 1978.

9. Can Tsar Bomba destroy a country?

Yes, Tasr Bomba can affect a place up to a 100-mile radius. If it is a small country like Luxembourg, you could indeed destroy a whaling country. 

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