Sea Monkeys: Are they fish food or loving pets?

Sea Monkeys

Sea monkeys have been taking the internet by storm. They have been marketed as small loving pets. You may have probably seen them being sold in small aquarium-like containers. 

Sea Monkeys are brine fish. They are crustaceans and live in salt water or saline water. They got their name ‘Sea-monkey’ because they resemble the monkey’s tail. 

Brine shrimps in the wild are comparatively smaller, they have been bred to be bigger for people to have as pets. The specifically bred brine shrimps also have a longer life span. 

Sea monkeys or brine fish are translucent. As a newborn, they only have one eye. They grow another pair after a while.

They are called sea monkeys because they have long tails which makes them look like monkeys. Sea Monkeys normally live for 1 year but, people who have had them as pets have reported them to live for 5 whole years.

Sea Monkeys are proof that humans will pet anything. Sea monkeys were initially used as pet food, but now they have become pets. 

They are easy pets for beginners, but you’ll have to research to create an optimal environment for them so that you can have your little aquatic friends for a long time.

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1. What is a sea monkey?

Sea Monkeys are hybrid brine shrimp. They were initially made as fish food but are now also sold as pets: ‘Sea Monkeys’.

2. Can you drink sea monkey water?

It is not advisable to drink sea monkey water. It has high sodium levels which could affect our system.

3. Is Sea Monkey a real animal?

Yes, the sea monkey is a real animal.

4. What do sea monkeys eat?

Sea Monkeys eat algae. You can also feed them brine-shrimp food, which is most likely powdered algae.

5. What eats sea monkeys?

Sea Monkeys are eaten by bigger marine life and fish.

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