Ten surprising facts about astronauts, that will blow your mind.

surprising facts about astronauts

Being an astronaut is such an amazing thing, you get to explore the world outside of the one we reside in. It is natural to want to know more about them. This article will walk you through 10 surprising facts about astronauts that are sure to blow your mind.

1. The oldest man in Space

John Glenn was the oldest man to be in outer space. He was 77 years old when he took off in Space Shuttle Discovery. There truly is no age limit for things you are passionate about.

2. First meal on the moon

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first astronauts on the moon. They landed on the moon on July 20, 1996. They had bacon cubes, peaches, 3 sugar cookies, a pineapple grapefruit drink, and coffee for their first meal.

3. The time machine effect

According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, astronauts in space go back 10 million seconds in time, but they get back to normal when they enter the Earth’s atmosphere. Every time an astronaut circles the earth’s orbit, they return a few seconds.

4. Skin peeling off of astronauts

This may not be a popular news but, the skin of the astronauts in space tends to peel. This is because they do not walk like on Earth, making their soles feel soft and flakey. This does not usually smell or irritate, but they keep this in check using steroid cream.

5. Weightlessness in space

The astronauts feel intensely weightless because the fluids in the body get distributed. The blood and lymph in the legs get redistributed by the pressure. This makes them feel nauseous and sick. This weightlessness is not the best sensation and causes severe disorientation. It takes time for the astronauts to get used to it.

6. Chocolatier in Space

Helen Sharman worked at Mars, a chocolate bar company. He was a chemist there. When she heard of the opening for applicants to be the first British explorer, she applied and was selected out of 13,000 applicants. She was only 26 years old and went out into the space more than just once.

7. Valentina Tereshkova’s whereabouts 

When Valentina left for training to become an astronaut, she told her mother that she was in camp training to be a pro skydiver. It was later when the entire landing was what Tereshkova was training for. She was shocked when she saw her daughter in space when the shuttle orbited the Earth. 

8. Height requirement

Not every passionate person can be an astronaut. There are several checklists that they need to clear before they are considered to be a part of the space team. Height is one such requirement. The astronauts need to be taller than 5’2 feet. But not every tall person gets a pass. You cannot be an astronaut if you are taller than 6’3 feet.

9. Astronauts from the first moon landing were in quarantine

People did not know much about space, so naturally the first astronauts who landed on the moon on Apollo 11 were quarantined when they returned from space. This was to ensure that the astronauts were not infected with any deadly virus or radiation. They continued doing this till Apollo 14, after which they declared that the moon did not affect the astronaut’s health in a contagious way.

10. Coming back to earth is very overwhelming

Space is an empty vacuum and you don’t have much sound in the rocket too. So when astronauts come back home, it is not just the sense of being back that feels overwhelming but it is the noise and all the other earthly sounds. It is not just the physical body that needs time to adjust, it is the mental health that needs time for adjustments too.

These were some of the surprising facts about astronauts. You probably learned something new. Being an astronomer is a very cool job, but it comes with a lot of work. Some people are driven like Valentina and John Glenn, but their gender or age did not stop them from pursuing what their hearts desired.

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Who is the oldest living astronaut?

James Lovell and Borman are the oldest living scientists alive at 95 years old.

Why did John Glenn quit NASA?

John Glenn was declared to be a national treasure by NASA, which is why he quit NASA to get into politics.

Do you get taller in space?

Yes, you get taller in space, this happens because of the lack of gravity in space. You also do not grow by a significant amount.

Did Valentina Tereshkova’s mother not know her daughter was part of a space mission?

Yes, her mother did not know Valentina was going out into space. This was because the Russian government wanted it to be super confidential.

Who were the first two astronauts in space?

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first two astronauts in space.

Does skin peel off when the astronauts are out in space?

Yes, the skin from the soles of the feet begins peeling off when they are out in space.

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