What was it like to meet Albert Einstein?

like to meet Albert Einstein

We all know Einstein and his theories and discoveries. And it would be interesting to know about his personal life looked like. Here is a little snippet of how he was outside of his scientific discoveries.

What was Albert Einstein like?

Curious about everything.

Curious about everything

Albert Einstein was always curious about things. Not just science, but everything. And this need to understand things did not pertain to his young age, he was inquisitive even as an adult. 

As a kid, he was curious about things like every ordinary child. But what set him apart was his need to find answers to his curiosity. As a 5-year-old, he went to the library to understand how a compass worked.

As an adult, there’s one instance when someone was friends with his step-daughter. Now, he would come, join them for tea, and question her on things she was familiar with that he was not like her customs and traditions. He never stopped being curious.

He was very humorous despite being in such a serious field.

You may think a physicist like the one who invented the theory of relatives would be stoic and even morose. But Einstein was different. He was quick-witted and came up with humorous comebacks. 

His way of explaining the theory of relatively is quite interesting: “Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour,” he once declared. “Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That’s relativity!”

Despite his being in such a serious field, he was light-hearted from time to time. 

He was musically talented.

An image of musical instrument

Einstein’s mother, Pauline, was a musician. She played the piano. He was influenced by his mother and learned how to play the violin at the young age of 5. He did not stop playing and could have become a violinist. 

His second wife, Elsa Einstein, once said that listening to music helped him think through his scientific theories. He’d go to his study, pluck a few notes on the piano, make notes, and go back to work.

He was kind. 


Many of the people who were lucky to meet Einstein, said that he was very polite. He did not come off as a bigot and did not make anyone look like a fool. He was kind to everyone and did not look down on anyone. 

He advocated for the Blacks and openly spoke against segregation and racism. This shows his humility and his braveness because voicing something controversial at that age was not the easiest task. Einstein was involved in controversy due to a diary entry suggesting he had a dislike for Chinese people.

One characteristic that distinguished Albert Einstein from a young age and remained throughout his life was his unquenchable curiosity. His unwavering quest for knowledge, whether it be scientific, cultural, or traditional, showcased a strong desire to learn more about the society he lived in. 

Einstein was a normal person like any of us. His outlook on life and what he did with it is what made him what he is today. He was enthusiastic about learning and problems and coincidentally for him, this combination is elite.

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What did Albert Einstein like to talk about?

The grand riddles of science, life, and the cosmos drew Einstein’s attention. “People like you and I never grow old,” Einstein remarked in a letter to a friend later in life. We never stop being in awe of the vast mystery into which we were born, like inquisitive kids.

Did Einstein talk late?

Even though Einstein was a proven genius, several biographers claim that he was a late talker. Until he was five years old, he was unable to talk in complete sentences. Einstein’s speech delay had no bearing on his extraordinary achievements and brilliance.

What were Albert Einstein say last words?

Helen Dukas, his secretary, claims that Einstein muttered, “Ich liege in den Händen eines Schicksals, das ich nicht beeinflussen kann,” in German before passing away. “Ich mache mir aber keine Illusionen mehr,” which means “I have no control over fate and am at its mercy.”

What did Albert Einstein do in his late life?

As he neared the end of his life, Einstein kept up his work as a theoretical physicist and refined his general relativity theory.

At what age did Einstein speak?

It wasn’t until he was three years old that Albert Einstein started speaking. In Ulm, Germany, Albert Einstein was born in 1879.

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