What are some mind-blowing facts that sound unreal but are actually true?

facts that sound unreal but are actually true

Sometimes it is easier to believe in some things because they sound logical, sometimes it is hard to believe that something is real because it just does not make sense. In this article, you will read some mind-blowing facts that sound unreal but are true.

Russia has a larger surface area than Pluto.

Russia has a larger surface area than Pluto

We always imagine the celestial bodies as bigger than anything and everything on Earth. But Pluto is smaller than Russia. Pluto’s surface area is 16.7 million square kilometers, whereas Russia’s is 17,098,242 sqkm. The size of Russia is the facts that sound unreal but are true.

Hippo milk is NOT pink. 

milk of Hippo in a bottle

Contrary to popular belief, hippo milk is not pink. Hippos produce a reddish-orange secretion which is because of hipposudoric acid and norhipposudoric acid. It protects them from the sun and also acts as an antibiotic. 

The confusion about hippos lactating pink milk could have been because of this. Also, trying to get a close-up of hippo milk is a different adventure in itself because hippos are very aggressive creatures. So, until you get a close-up, we should stop believing that hippo milk is pink.

Every odd number has an ‘e’ in it.

Yeah, this is a pretty random fact, but there is not one odd number that does not have an ‘e’ in it. One, Three, Five, Seven, Nine, they all have an ‘e’ in it. If you don’t believe it, you can count the numbers for yourself (just remember to stop at some point).

Turtles can breathe out their rear end.

An image of a Turtle

During winter turtles do not need much oxygen. But when they need oxygen they cannot respire normally to save energy. Instead, they do it from the cloaca which is their butt. They do not do this when they’re over water or brumating.

The strongest muscle in the body is not the tongue.

An image of skull showing Masseter Muscle
The strongest muscle in the body is not the tongue

When you think about the strongest muscle, you may get an image of a muscular bodybuilder. But it is not the biceps or the triceps that has the strongest muscle. The strongest muscle is your masseter muscle which is in your jaw. Maybe that is the reason why words hurt so badly. Human bodies are filled with mind-blowing facts that will amaze you which makes our body incredibly interesting.

Chocolates kill dogs.

Chocolates kill dogs
Chocolates kill dogs

Chocolates release the same chemicals that your brain releases when you’re in love. But unfortunately, you cannot share this love with your fur babies. Chocolates contain theobromine which is fatal to your dog’s cardiovascular system, nervous system, and respiratory system. 

There are other substitutes you can get your dog to let them know how much you love them. We should keep the chocolates to ourselves.

These facts that sound unreal but are actually true are fascinating tales gently remind us that our expectations are frequently exceeded by reality. Our world is like a secret treasure trove, just waiting for us to discover all of its fascinating details. 

Every new discovery, whether it’s the surprising color of hippo milk or the size of Russia casting a shadow on Pluto, challenges our preconceived notions and makes us appreciate the delightful mysteries that are around us. 

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What is a pink hippo?

Leucism, a partial loss of pigmentation, is what gives things their pink color. Leucistic wild animals are more likely to be seen by predators and to suffer sunburns, which increases their chances of not surviving to adulthood.

How much chocolate is toxic to a dog?

It is not advisable to give any amount of chocolates to your dogs. Even a small amount will cause your dog to have diarrhea. Go for treats safe for dogs.

What is the strongest muscle of the body?

The strongest muscle in the body, the masseter, is in charge of raising the jaw.

What are the masseter muscles?

The strongest muscle in the body, the masseter, is in charge of raising the jaw.

Can Turtles Breathe Through Their Butts?

Yes, turtles can breathe through their butts.

What planet is smaller than Russia?

Pluto, which was formerly thought to be a planet but was reclassified as a dwarf planet in 2006, is 16.65 million square kilometers (6.4 million square miles) smaller than Russia.

Is the USA bigger than Pluto?

Pluto’s width is merely 1,400 miles. Pluto is just roughly half the width of the United States at that small size.

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