What are the most interesting facts about human behavior?

interesting facts about human behavior

Have you ever wondered what motivates humans? Now let’s explore some of the most interesting facts about human behavior. The study of human behavior provides a fascinating look into the intricacies that shape our personalities. It covers subjects like why we submit to authority figures, unique characteristics of our social influences, and even how our chemical makeup affects attraction.

People follow authority over morality.

People follow authority over morality
Interesting facts about human behavior: People follow authority over morality

Humans are innately cruel and there are so many experiments to back that. But of course, it is not ‘all humans’ that are cruel. But in all truth, the peace in our world exists mainly because of how the authority and the power that the people who are in charge of maintaining peace have. However, the most interesting fact about human behavior is that people follow authority over morality.

And the scary part is an average would commit crimes if they were ensured they would not be held accountable. It could be curiosity or human nature.

The negative bias phenomenon.

negative bias phenomenon

After all the stories about how our world keeps moving on hope and optimism, people tend to focus on the negatives more than the positives. Life is all about improving and maybe this negative bias is our innate desire to improve. But constant focus on negativity can hurt you and lower productivity.

Planning makes it easier to attain your goal.

Planning makes it easier to attain your goal

You are more likely to succeed when you make a detailed plan about what you want to achieve. This is because you can follow through on your goal when you state how and where you will begin, instead of just thinking about what your goals are. But then again what went wrong with those trips you planned with your friends, something to ponder.

Normative social influence.

Normative social influence

We have experienced or taken part in the normative social influence. It is when social values are put above your morality or your ideology. It is good that we are not letting go of our roots but, then when it comes to this sort of influence, you do not draw a line between what is right and what is wrong.

For example: the slaughtering of animals as an offering to the Gods. 

Scientifically and realistically it does not make sense and may even seem cruel to people out of their culture, but, to the people who have grown up watching this tradition, it is a divine act. So people would follow the tradition they grew up experiencing without questioning because it is normal to them and their way of life.

Your chemical makeup affects the people you attract.

Your chemical makeup affects the people you attract

Yes, your chemical makeup affects the people you attract. Now let’s break this down; if you are very feminine with a high level of estrogen, you are more than likely to attract someone with a high testosterone level. 

This is why so many ‘gurus’ advise people to be more in touch with their feminine or masculine side if they want a traditional ‘other half’. Now, don’t be sad and try to change yourself for your ‘type’ because what you want now may not be for you in the long run. So, just be you.

In summary, interesting facts about human behavior raises several fascinating issues. To maintain social harmony, we frequently defer to authority, yet it’s concerning that some people might act badly if they believe they won’t be discovered. 

We have a tendency to pay more attention to the negative than the positive, but striking a balance is crucial. Even though our plans don’t always work out as we had hoped, planning still helps us succeed. Individuals tend to adhere to cultural norms, even if they appear unusual to outsiders. 

Furthermore, it’s preferable to be who you are in relationships rather than altering to suit someone else’s expectations. Analyzing human behavior reveals how complex life is and how much to consider.

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Why do people obey authority even when it goes against their morals?

Stanley Milgram, a social psychologist, studied how compliance was affected by authority. He concluded that people comply even when doing so goes against their own better judgment and desires—either out of fear or a desire to look cooperative.

What is the moral authority theory?

Moral authority is power based on essential truths, or values, that exist independently of positive, written rules. Truth must therefore exist and be upheld for moral authority to exist.

What is the negativity bias also known as?

Negative things (e.g., unpleasant thoughts, feelings, or social interactions; harmful/traumatic experiences) have a bigger influence on one’s psychological state than positive things, even when they are of comparable intensity. This cognitive bias is sometimes referred to as the negativity bias or the negativity effect.

What is the chemical that makes you attracted to someone?

Norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine play a role in whether or not you are initially drawn to someone. 

What chemical makes you love someone?

The hormone oxytocin, also referred to as the “love hormone,” elicits emotions of security, serenity, and contentment that are frequently connected to partner bonding. 

What is an example of normative social influence?

Normative influence is exemplified by the act of smoking to fit in. A student who aspires to join a group that he thinks is made up of cool kids is another illustration of the influence of social norms.

What do social normative influences mean?

Normative social influence is the process through which an individual conforms to fit in and be accepted by a group. They act in this way to avoid social rejection or because it is socially advantageous.

How important is planning in everything that we do?

Being responsible for our actions is aided by planning. Planning enables us to allocate our resources, people, time, money, information, and equipment, in a way that will maximize their impact on accomplishing our objective.

How does planning help you in life?

You may choose your goals, create a completion schedule, and allocate resources wisely with the aid of a well-thought-out strategy.

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